Mission Statement

To collaborate with Peruvian communities to facilitate sustainable, healthy development and provide educational opportunities to empower children and families.

What We Do

Corazón de Dahlia development center supports child and family development in rural Saylla, Peru by providing a comprehensive set of ongoing educational programs through the village’s municipality for children ages 5 – 12. It operates an educational center weekday afternoons and evenings that serves as a safe space for children to participate in educational activities, seek assistance from on-site teacher, complete homework and engage with peers. With your continued support we have provided consistent programming, including:

  • Small group age-appropriate academic lessons: Math and literacy skills that children learn in the classroom are supplemented with lessons led by teaching professionals and student teachers from surrounding communities. These lessons are more interactive than traditional classroom learning in order to promote excitement for the subject matter and ensure that children remain engaged following a full school day.
  • English language lessons: International volunteers lead English language lessons at the center every week. The children learn language topics like basic expressions, numbers, days of the week, weather, etc., and have the opportunity to practice conversationally with volunteers throughout the week.
  • Educational library: The center boasts a comprehensive library that includes books, educational toys and games in Spanish and English. Upon arriving after school children have the option of “borrowing” books and games to use during their time at the center. Reading is encouraged and fostered in all areas of learning.
  • Educational field trips: Cultural expeditions into the city of Cusco and surrounding areas give students of all ages the opportunity to continue the learning experience outside of the classroom.

In addition to creating a space for children to develop academically, Corazón de Dahlia also facilitates an empowerment program for women in the community. An on-site psychologist leads monthly small-group workshops to raise awareness about various issues related to women’s development, including domestic violence and alcoholism, and provide concrete strategies to help women address these issues in their homes and with their families.

The encouraging environment at Corazón de Dahlia is designed to foster peer collaboration and provide opportunities for educational exploration and personal development.