Our Organization

We provide children and families with opportunities for social and academic enrichment, emphasizing respect for the people and land around them. Children thrive when they have a structure in place where they are nurtured and feel safe from physical and sexual abuse. Our Center for the Promotion of Child & Family Development is a social and educational project, in which we will develop skills and values through various outlets such as social development, cultural awareness, literacy proficiency, and mental health. We will improve the quality of life for children, families, and the society at large by offering tangible alternatives in order to advance their education through training, guidance, counseling, and support.

With your continued support we have provided consistent programming, including:


Led by local teaching professionals and student teachers, we provide small group, age-appropriate academics. To promote excitement and enhance the educational experience, we provide interactive learning opportunities that keep children engaged following a full day of school.

English language lessons

International volunteers lead English language lessons at the center every week. The children learn language topics like basic expressions, numbers, days of the week, weather, etc., and have the opportunity to practice conversationally with volunteers throughout the week.

Educational library

The center boasts a comprehensive library that includes books, educational toys and games in Spanish and English. Upon arriving after school children have the option of “borrowing” books and games to use during their time at the center. Reading is encouraged and fostered in all areas of learning.

Field trips

Cultural expeditions into the city of Cusco and surrounding areas give students of all ages the opportunity to continue the learning experience outside of the classroom.




Students learn about local ingredients and nutritional food choices. They have the opportunity to try out recipes and various cooking techniques.


Student engage in both free-form dance and traditional Peruvian danzas to express themselves and participate in the rich culture that surrounds them.

Arts & Sciences

The center provides students with enriching arts and crafts activities, as well as hands-on science experiments and exploratory learning.

Robotics Program

Volunteers have trained our staff and student leaders to work with Lego 'We Do' kits. The kits and accompanying software allow students to experiment with basic programming and robotics.