Peruvian Team

Our Peruvian team members run the community development center in Saylla, working with children and families on a daily basis

Laura Miranda Acuna

Project Director

Laura is one of the most generous and loving people that you will ever meet. She is a retired teacher who has given her life to educating those in need. She has also worked as a Spanish language teacher in Cusco for Excel Language Institute. Laura named the organization, and has been actively at work on the various initiatives since its inception. Her dream has always been to do this type of work, and she is so happy that her dream is now a reality.


Susana Gomez


Susana is a psychologist with a Masters in Research Psychology from the Catholic University of Peru. She has experience in counseling children and adolescents with emotional, behavioral, self-esteem and learning difficulties, and couple and family conflicts. Susana also uses works with building social skills, and providing stress and coping resources training. She provides training and workshops as a means of information and prevention. Currently, Susana provides services to Corazon de Dahlia professionally and personally feels fulfilled by the mission to raise the quality of life of children and adolescents by developing and implementing a comprehensive training.

Ruth Chihuantito Fernández


Ruth graduated from Universidad Nacional de San Antonio Abad del Cusco and Universidad Nacional de San Agustín de Arequipa Perú. She holds certification in Primary Education and Bilingual Intercultural Education. Ruth worked as a classroom teacher for many years and she also supervised a national program to boost literacy in Saylla, Peru. Ruth says, “In reality I work for the Civil Association, Corazon de Dahlia, because I feel happy to work with the children and to be part of a team that benefits the children of Saylla. It also brings me happiness to share experience where we all learn from one another. The clarity and sincerity that the children show is more and more apparent throughout different moments of each day.”

Alicia Arredondo Flores


Alicia graduated with a Bachelor's in Education from the University San Antonio de Cusco, and is currently a Master's candidate in Educational Psychology. Alicia is a private tutor for students in 1st-3rd grades. She is currently a teacher at Corazon de Dahlia's Center, and enjoys providing a positive environment for the children of Saylla where instills many positive values. She is extremely happy to be part of the Corazon de Dahlia team.

Teresa Nanci Palomino Buleje

Educational Consultant

My role as an educator has allowed me to guide, assist and monitor classroom teachers with regular basic education programs offered by the Ministry of Education since the 90's, which I know have left the educational reality of Cusco, requiring personal commitments and professionals to make the changes and pedagogical proposals for crossing the Peruvian educational system. I now have the personal and professional satisfaction to be able to be join the team of Corazon de Dahlia, contributing my experience as a educator to offer the best educational services to children Saylla district.