Profe, me recuerdas? Como me llamo?

by Dahlia Graham


As I was leaving Saylla a few days ago after spending the afternoon
with the kids, one girl with a sweet face ran up and gave me a hug and
a kiss.  Then she asked, “Do you remember me? What’s my name?”  I
looked at her and said, “I don’t remember your name, but I remember
your face.”  “Sharon,’ she replied. Once she told me I remembered, but
of course I felt awful that I couldn’t remember when she asked.  It
had been a year since I’d seen her.  It made me wish I was able to
spend more time at the center in Saylla so that I could get to know
each and every kid.

Photo of Sharon:








The kids are so incredible and sweet!  My cousin Adin and his friend
Josh, both 13 years old, came along with me that afternoon.  They
spent time with kids who were doing their homework and then went to
play soccer, football, and volleyball outside with the kids with new
balls they had donated.  On our way out that evening Adin and Josh
hugged the kids goodbye and even did some special handshakes.  On the
bus ride home they had smiles on their faces.  Their lives had been




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